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How to make a New Post in BOLO BUZZ Forums

Posting to BOLO Buzz Forum

***These instructions will show you how to make a new post in BOLO BUZZ Forums***

Click here for instructions on how to Watch for New Posts to BOLO Buzz Forums

1. Login into your BOLO REALTORS Account:
Select Members -> Login from the top menu.
NOTE: If you need help setting up your account access, please email Robin


2. Select BOLO Buzz from the left Menu Items


3. Select the Topic where you want your new post to appear

4. Select the blue clickable link to the topic you are posting in


5.  Select Add New Topic


6. Fill out the form for your new topic. When complete, select Publish and then Done. ***If you don't select Publish, you will see your post in your Drafts.

7. Watch for responses to your post by clicking on the (little eye icon)

Not Watching         Watching