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BOLO REALTORS® is a local membership for over 1500 real estate professionals in the Boulder-Longmont area. We provide our members with tools and resources to help achieve success in their careers. To become a member please complete an application and submit it to a BOLO REALTOR® office.

Membership Dues Information

Do you have questions regarding dues and membership fees for your BOLO REALTOR® membership?

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Application links can be found in the below sections. Please contact our offices at 303-442-3585 with any questions.

Become a Realtor® Member:

An individual is a primary member if the Association pays state and National dues based on such Member. An individual is a secondary Member if state and National dues are remitted through another Board/Association. One of the principals in a real estate firm must be a Designated REALTOR Member of the Board in order for licensees affiliated with the firm to select the Board as their "primary" Board.

REALTOR® Application

Become an Affiliate Partner:

The mission of the Affiliate Partners of BOLO REALTORS®is to provide resources to facilitate real estate transactions, to establish relationships, and to grow our respective businesses.

A few of the many benefits are full access to BOLO REALTORS® TechHelpline, inclusion in "The go-to Book",opportunities to attend all BOLO REALTOR® events at member pricing, opportunities to sponsor REALTOR® educational sessions and much, much more!

Oh, and by the way, network and have fun at events such as the Annual Affiliate sponsored Casino Bus!

Print and fill out our simple application and give us a call today.  We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Office Number:  303-442-3585

Affiliate Partner Application